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Animal Complaint Form

Once DCAS receives a statement it will be reviewed to ensure it contains all of the required information.  An Animal Welfare Officer will then conduct an investigation to establish probable cause and determine the most appropriate action to be taken.  This can include a Written Warning, Penalty Assessment, or a Summons and Complaint to court.  It is the Investigation Officer’s discretion that will determine which corrective measure will be used to address the problem.  This decision will be based on Douglas County Ordinance or Resolutions, the frequency of the problem, severity of the violation, prior violations, and a myriad of other factors.  Although the complainant’s suggestions are always welcome, the Investigation Officer will make the final decision on how best to attempt to resolve the matter.

We will strive to address your concerns as soon as possible.  Our response time may vary due to emergency calls for service, workload, weather conditions, manpower, and a variety of other factors.  If an accurate and complete statement is received, we will make every attempt to address the matter within 24 hours of receiving the statement.  If the complainant would like contact please indicate so on the statement and and Officer will attempt contact with the complainant once corrective measures have been taken.

  • Complainant Information

    The personal information requested on this form will be used to identify and subpoena the complainant should the issue be set for trial. Prior to signing this form, the complainant should understand that the information provided on the statement will become a matter of public record and can be released in compliance with Colorado Revised Statutes. If this statement is concerning Barking Dogs, as per Douglas County Resolution R999-177 1.05(1) (h) your name and address will be provided to the defendant at the time of service. Before any legal action can be taken, the statement must include the following:
  • Witness Information

  • Violation Information

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • :
  • :
  • Animal Information

  • Statement

  • This Statement Form is a legal and binding document. By providing a signature on this document the complainant is acknowledging that the facts contained within are true and correct to the best of his/her knowledge. A signature also indicates that the complainant is willing to testify in a court of law concerning this matter.