Community Resource Programs

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is involved with numerous programs and organizations that help keep the County Safe. If you would like additional information on these programs, please contact the Community Resource Section at (303)660-7544.


The Douglas County Colorado TRIAD is a partnership between law enforcement agencies, community organizations and leaders that work with seniors and older adults themselves – all working together to reduce criminal victimization of the elderly. It is the responsibility of the Crime Prevention Unit to serve as the law enforcement piece on the TRIAD board.

Some of the activities carried out by TRIAD are:

  • Sponsoring crime prevention and victim/witness assistance programs specifically designed for older people
  • Recruiting and training volunteers to aid the Sheriff’s Office
  • Providing reassurance programs for the elderly to help reduce fear and provide moral support
  • Acting as a forum for law enforcement, service providers and the senior community to share concerns and develop

Another way that TRIAD tries to help seniors is by distributing the FILE OF LIFE.  These are plastic pouches, one on a refrigerator magnet and a smaller one to be carried in a wallet or purse, containing a card to be filled out with medical and emergency contact information.  There is also a FILE OF LIFE sticker for the front door of the residence.  Then, if the need for emergency medical care should ever occur, the responders will have the information they require immediately.

The Community Resource/Crime Prevention Unit and TRIAD work with local fire departments as well as patrol to recognize the sticker and know where to retrieve the medical information.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) was established in Douglas County for the purposes of reducing the fear of crime, incidents of crime and improves the quality of life. CPTED reviews play an instrumental role before and after the construction of business and residential sites.

Since September 11, 2001, the need for additional security efforts at the local levels of our towns and cities became paramount. CPTED allows law enforcement to become more involved on three levels of security concerns in our community. Those levels are defined as site plan reviews, business and residential security surveys.

PDF Document CPTED Brochure

Business Security Survey

At the request of a business manager, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office will conduct a facility security survey. This will be an on-site review accompanied by someone in management from the requesting business. The survey will cover some of the following topics:

  • Location and physical description of the facility.
  • Names and job descriptions of the business contacts.
  • Type of business, products or functions located at the facility.
  • What access is there to the general public, employees, loading docks…?
  • Emergency and utility sources going into the facility.
  • What type of electronic protection is utilized?
  • What, if any, currency is transported into or out of the facility?

Parking lot structure and associated accesses, barriers, lighting.

Business Watch

Business Watch is a program that offers businesses a wide variety of information for your business and its employees. Information can be passed on in brochure form, or in presentation style. The following is a list of topics that can be presented to businesses.

  • Shoplifting Prevention (Handouts)
  • Physical Security Considerations (Handouts and Security Surveys)
  • Bomb Threat Procedures (Handouts and Power Point)
  • Robbery Prevention (Handouts and Power Point)
  • Workplace Violence (Handouts and Power Point)
  • Personal Safety ((Handouts and Power Point)
  • Meth Lab Awareness (Handouts and Power Point)
  • ID Theft (Handouts and Power Point)

Operation Identification

Operation Identification is the name given to the nationwide program of marking personal property indelibly with a unique identifying number to permit positive identification if the items are lost or stolen.  Numbers can be engraved onto metal objects or marked with indelible markers on other materials.  If an item is stolen, the identification number can be entered into a nationwide computer.

The program has four major advantages regarding property marked in accordance with the program:

  • Deters crime; thieves and burglars are less likely to steal an item that can be positively identified and that will be difficult to sell.
  • Positive Identification; the owner of the stolen or lost property can easily be located through existing records.
  • Helps Criminal Prosecution; the arresting deputies can more readily use the stolen property in pursuing the case through the courts.
  • Aids Recovery; stolen or lost property is more likely to returned to the owner.

Homeowners should make a list of the valuable person property in their home in case of theft or disaster. This list should include all identifying numbers including engraved numbers and serial numbers. If possible photos of the items should be attached to the list. The list should be store at an off-site location (such as a safety deposit box).

Residential Security Survey

An important step in preventing home burglary and other crime is to make sure that a residence is as secure as possible. A careful inspection by someone trained to observe security precautions, can indicate features that would make entry easy – or difficult – for a prospective burglar.

Child Finger Printing

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office does NOT offer child fingerprinting but does have fingerprint cards available upon request. Parents can use the card to fingerprint their child and then can keep the cards along with other information about their child. These fingerprint cards are used as a tool in the unfortunate event of a child missing.

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