Inmate Classification Process

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is strongly committed to the Objective Jail Classification system formulated by the National Institute of Corrections. This effective management system enables the Detention Division to efficiently manage inmates while meeting its objective of proper assessment and placement of inmates into those housing units to which they are best suited. It maximizes the safety of both inmates and staff, and enhances overall inmate behavior management.

Incoming inmates are classified through a series of objective evaluation standards that consider an inmate’s current criminal charges, criminal history, past institutional history, and medical history and needs.  By identifying potential problem issues through these evaluations, we are able to identify inmates who might require special placement for such issues as medical needs, statutory requirements, separation due to current charges or past criminal history, or separation from other inmates and staff because of predatory behavior. Classification of inmates affects many aspects of their stay at the detention facility, including the cell pod to which they are assigned, the number of hours allowed outside their cell, and the types of recreational programs in which they are allowed to participate.

By using the Objective Jail Classification system, we are able to better evaluate inmates’ needs and behaviors while evaluating statistical data that allows us to effectively interpret proper inmate placement. In addition, the system helps our staff identify specific training needs and points out areas where increased objective management of the inmate population is needed. This valuable inmate classification system corroborates the sheriff’s office’s overall management concept that good behavior by the inmates is rewarded through enhanced, less-restrictive housing assignments and participation in positive programs.

The Classification section is responsible for screening all inmates coming into the facility to determine their housing assignment. The classification of the inmate will determine the privileges they receive within the facility. Inmates are screened continuously throughout their stay in the facility, thus minimum, medium and maximum security prisoners are held in the Douglas County Jail.

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