Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Employee Receives Lifetime Achievement

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Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Employee Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

NARRATIVE: Long time Douglas County Sheriff’s Office employee receives “Exemplary Leadership Award” which recognizes outstanding service to the Victim Assistance movement presented to her by Undersheriff Tony Spurlock at the 2013 annual Colorado Organization for Victims Assistance (COVA) Conference on October 30th.

Patty Moschner has worked at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office since 1986 and started the Sheriff’s Office Victim Assistance Unit.  Patty has always endeavored to be the leader in local law enforcement victim services and pushed forward with new ideas and practices. Many of her ideas and practices have been adopted by other law enforcement agencies.

Patty is currently the Victim Assistance Coordinator for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.  While she has full time staff members, she additionally has 27 active volunteers.  Through her leadership, she has been able to maintain this active pool of fully-trained victim services volunteers.  These volunteers respond after hours to crisis to provide victims in the community much-needed assistance during a traumatic event for the family or loved one. This has saved the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office a great deal of overtime money and provided a high level of service with enthusiastic and well-trained volunteer community members.

Patty was recognized for many years of achievements including:

  • Leading a small group of advocates to create the first Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance Conference in  1989.  The visionary group created a basic blueprint for the successful conferences for the 20+ years.
  • Being a founding Board member of the Sungate Child Advocacy Center.  She helped to create the concept in the    18th Judicial District, establish a location, and secure initial funding.   That program is now a tremendous resource in the 18th Judicial District.
  • Patty was also part of the organizational group to establish victim rights in Colorado in 1992.  Patty provided input related to law enforcement based services where she was key in the implementation of victim rights in Colorado in law enforcement agencies.
  • Patty and team members served on the group of professionals that created the Colorado Victim Certification Program creating minimum standards for advocates in Colorado.
  • Patty has always been a strong trainer.  Not only does she train at her own agency, she has presented COVA, at an FBI Conference, at national victim services conferences, at police academies, FEMA courses, at state victim assistance conferences outside of Colorado,  and at the COVA statewide academy.
  • Patty was part of a group that produced a Witness Protection training video and materials for Law Enforcement.  These materials are have been used throughout Colorado.
  • Patty Moschner co-chaired a strong statewide committee that took on the task of creating and funding a statewide Victim Notification program.  That project culminated this year with the Colorado legislature establishing funding for that program.
  • Patty also co-chaired a dedicated group of advocates that worked diligently to create a Mass Crisis Response Toolkit.  That project has just been rolled out at the 2013 COVA Conference.

Undersheriff Tony Spurlock stated “Patty’s insight is sought after by her peers in the victim assistance profession and in law enforcement. I cannot say enough about her passion for victims’ rights, her knowledge of her chosen profession and the impact that she has had on the State of Colorado and the many victims that she has touched and assisted through some of their darkest hours”.

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