Sheriff Weaver unveils new online system to pay citations

Douglas County Sheriff David A. Weaver has unveiled a new system to make it easier and more convenient to pay citations.

DocXchange, powered by, allows citizens to make payments for citations online, avoiding the need for cash, money orders, cashier’s checks and time-consuming trips or trying to make cumbersome payments by telephone.

“DocXchange allows persons to easily and securely search for and locate the fine information related to their citation,” said Sheriff Weaver. “Once found, they will be able to make their payments online using a credit or debit card, saving a considerable amount of time and effort.   A small convenience fee is added to the online payment to cover the costs of processing the credit card and operating the system.  As expensive as a gallon of gas has become, we think this will be a valuable and cost effective convenience option for our citizens.”

DocXchange allows law enforcement agencies to better serve citizens by providing a more efficient and cost-effective way to make payments and fulfill requests for public records.

“This is a win-win situation for the public and our office,” adds Weaver. “The public receives a much easier way to make their payment, and our staff will have additional time to provide exemplary service to those who do choose or need to come in to our office.”

Citizens will continue to have the option to come to the courthouse to take care of their citations.   Additional services will be made available online through DocXchange in the coming months and will provide more convenience options to the community.

Douglas County is the first agency in the state to use DocXchange.  For more information, go to or contact the sheriff’s office at (303) 660-7545.

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