Major Crimes

Detectives in Major Crimes investigate crimes from assaults to financial fraud to internet crimes against children. Their investigations make up the majority of cases adjudicated in Douglas County.  Major Crimes also includes the Crime Lab and the Property and Evidence Unit.

Units under Major Crimes are:

Persons Crime Unit

These detectives specialize in crimes that affect physical crimes against a person, such as assault, domestic violence, kidnapping, death, and murder. They also investigate missing people and runaways.

All of the detectives are members of the Colorado Homicide Investigators Association.

Special Victims Unit

These detectives investigate allegations of child abuse, elder abuse and sexual assault.

There’s also a high-tech unit, ICAC, which targets Internet Crimes Against Children and child pornography.

Our investigators work closely with the SungateKids center to conduct child forensic interviews to solve these serious cases.

Financial crimes Unit

These investigators track down and arrest common fraud and identity thieves to sophisticated groups of criminals who have scammed the public with hoaxes involving prepaid money cards. The cases involve mortgage and real estate fraud, real estate fraud, embezzlement and criminal impersonation. The detectives also work hard to stop the suspects from exploiting at-risk seniors.

Learn more about receiving and writing bad checks.

Cold Case Unit 

Cold cases are unsolved homicides, missing people, and unidentified people. Our detectives work with new technology to reexamine old cases and find new leads and suspects.

Help us solve this cold case – Do you know anything about it?

Sometimes detectives work with NecroSearch International to help locate clandestine graves and recover evidence.


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