Staffing Analysis and Decentralization Options

In 2006, the Facilities, Fleet & Emergency Support Services asked the OMNI Group Inc., to complete a space assessment study of the Sheriff’s Office for future planning of facilities. Facilities Management needed to complete a staffing study and detention population analysis to predict the facilities needs into the future. Public Works Facilities Management is responsible for analyzing and predicting if there is enough office space for employees to use so they can be productive in their environment, and planning of future jail bed space as the jail population increases. The Omni Group Inc., was first asked by Public Works Facilities Management to complete a study in 1993 to determine the size of the Douglas County Justice Center. This became a time sensitive issue since a new jail facility was ordered to be built by a Federal Judge. The judge ruled that the old jail was not in compliance with federal law and a new jail must be built in compliance of the ruling in the law suit.

The architects that designed the Robert A. Christensen Justice Center used the OMNI report to determine the number and size of the cells to be built in the jail and the number and size of the offices to be built to accommodate the staffing levels of all the various organizations housed at the justice center to include, District Attorney, Probation, Community Alternatives, Courts, and the Sheriff’s Office.

In 1999 OMNI Group Inc., was asked to complete a Strategic Facilities Master Plan projecting the facility needs of the entire county between the years 2000 to 2020 which was completed in 2001.

In 2006 when the Sheriff’s Office Space Assessment was requested the 2001 Strategic Facilities Master Plan was verified for its accuracy looking at staffing projections and the projected number of inmates housed in the jail. The staffing projections in 2001 were very accurate predictions of 2006, being off by only one employee but, the Average Daily Population Level of the jail in 2006 was 28% higher than the 2001 report projected. In 2006 the county population was also growing at a faster rate than projected in the 2001 report. The initial findings of the 2006 space assessment found, that in 2005 the “actual” county population was within five percent of the level projected in 2001 for the year 2005, but long-range population levels are currently projected by the county to be substantially different, both in scale and distribution of the population by the year 2020.

The OMNI Group Inc., was concerned about the higher than predicted average daily population level in the jail and the faster growing county population level. Therefore the OMNI Group Inc., wanted to re-evaluate the county population projections and the future projections of the average daily population levels of the Jail to make more accurate predictions of facilities needs which are now reported in the 2006 report.

This study also found that decentralization of services by building Sheriff’s Office Substations would save money and resources. It would also provide easier access to the citizens that live closer to a substation.

The Executive Summary below is an eighteen page summary of the full 237 page Sheriff’s Office Space Assessment.

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Douglas County Sheriff

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Highlands Ranch Substation

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7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

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