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Robbery prevention

Although violent crime in Douglas County is rare, we are not immune. Prevent yourself from becoming a victim by following these safety tips. Consider what you can do to enhance your personal safety. Robbery is a dangerous crime that threatens people’s lives. It is a crime of violence. Remember that money and material items can be replaced; a life cannot.

  • Travel well-lighted, busy routes. Avoid walking or parking in shadowed areas. Have your keys in your hand as you approach your door, and remember to be alert to what and who is around you. Glance under your car, around it and in the back seat as you get in.
  • Be alert and aware. Pay full attention to who is around you when you are in public. Avoid text messaging and talking on the phone if you do not absolutely need to use the phone. If you must use your phone, stop in a safe area to do so.
  • Beware of “Apple picking.” Be alert when using, or simply carrying, your smart phone — including iPhones and Android phones — especially after dark. There is a market for stolen smart phones and you could become a victim of a robbery. If you do not need to use the phone, keep it secured and out of sight.
  • Avoid displaying and carrying large sums of money in public. Only carry the credit cards you need. Carrying a large sum of cash makes you a potential target for robbery.
  • Be careful with purses or wallets. Carry a purse close to your body, but do not loop or wrap straps around you. A purse snatcher could injure you. Keep wallets in an inside pocket.
  • There’s safety in numbers. Don’t make yourself an easy target. If you must be out at night, arrange to go to class, do errands or go shopping with a friend or two.