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Douglas County Sheriff Tony G. Spurlock Reminds Residents Not to Leave Vehicles Running and Unattended

As the temperature begins to fall across the metro area, Sheriff Tony Spurlock would like to remind citizens not to leave their vehicles running and unattended, also known as “Puffing”.

Colorado Revised Statute, 42-4-1206, essentially addresses the fact that it is illegal for a person to leave a vehicle running and unattended.  Many auto thieves look for this effortless opportunity to steal a vehicle, DON’T LET THEM VICTIMIZE YOU!

There have been previous cases in Douglas County where a vehicle theft was a result of a vehicle left running while unattended.  While we know it may be an inconvenience to some, taking the extra time to warm up the vehicle and stay with it could potentially save you money and time down the road.

Please do your part in preventing auto theft.  If you have to warm up your vehicle in the morning, make sure to stay with it.