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Severe Weather

Severe weather includes tornados, hail, high winds and lightening. Severe weather can move into the area rapidly so it is important for you to stay alert.

Severe Weather

Douglas County does not have tornado sirens or a warning system, therefore it’s important for you to have awareness and to make a plan.

We suggest you also buy a “NOAA Weather” radio for urgent weather alerts. You can get one on-line or at most retail outlets. The NOAA radio will warn you about hazards in your specific area.

Depending on where you live, tune in to the following frequencies:

  • Douglas County residents who live in the southern portions of the County can access the NOAA Weather Radio, Franktown transmitter, with frequency 162.450MHz.
  • Douglas County residents living in the northern portions of the County can access the NOAA Weather Radio, Denver transmitter, with frequency 162.550MHz.

Try both frequencies and choose the one with the best reception! There are other transmitters in the state, however, ONLY the Denver and Franktown transmitters will provide you with information for Douglas County.  Douglas County S.A.M.E. Code:  8035.