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Fraud Alert for Douglas County Residents

Scammers pretending to be existing employees at the Sheriff's Office...

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office wants to make sure that our citizens are made aware of current fraud and scam trends occurring in and around the county.  Most recently, we have received reports of scammers contacting citizens using the names of staff that work at the Sheriff’s Office.  In some cases, we have even heard that the calls are coming from cloned phone numbers making It appear to be coming from the Sheriff’s Office on Caller ID.  Please note that while we may contact you advising of a warrant, we will never ask for money over the phone or for payment in gift cards, crypto-currencies, or using Western Union.

Know that these scammer calls can be extremely convincing, and the criminals on the other end of the line can be very persuasive while trying to manipulate your instincts for self-preservation.  Do Not Fall for these scams.  We only deal with these types of situations in person.