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If an individual has cash when they are booked, it is deposited into an account under the inmate’s name (U.S. currency only). When inmates get out of jail, staff will refund their money in a prepaid MasterCard.  No personal or company checks will be deposited. Inmates are not allowed to transfer funds from their account to another inmate’s account. Learn about fees and charges.

A $30 booking fee is deducted from each inmate’s account as it becomes available. After the booking fee is paid, inmates can buy items and services in the detention center.

What inmates can buy:

  • commissary including food and toiletries
  • haircuts
  • medical and dental co-pays
  • fines or court costs
  • bond fees
  • photocopying or notary fees

How do I give an inmate money?

  • Family and friends can deposit funds into inmates’ accounts by calling 866-643-9557 or by visiting This website will provide information as well as costs involved for transactions.
  • Money may be put into an inmate’s account at a kiosk in the jail’s lobby at 4000 Justice Way in Castle Rock. The kiosk accepts cash and credit cards.
  • Money orders may be mailed to inmates, which will be deposited into their accounts. The Sheriff’s Office is not responsible for cash sent in the mail.
  • If an inmate is indigent, they may earn money by working as a Pod Worker. Pod workers earn $2.00 per day during the week of their assignment.

Inmate Commissary

The Sheriff’s Office contracts with Trinity Services as the commissary vendor for inmates.

Debit or credit cards may be used to make deposits into an inmate’s account and to buy items that will be delivered to the inmate. Funds deposited before 6:00 p.m. on Tuesdays may be used to buy  items for delivery on the next Sunday.