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Inmate Records

Request Jail and Medical Records

How do I get a jail record, my inmate medical, and mental health records?

Jail records include booking, charging, housing, and probable cause information.

Request the records through our online system by completing the Online Records Request for Jail Records form or through the Open Records Portal. Note: The Open Records Portal charges extra processing fees. You can also download the Records Request form and submit it through the mail or in person at the counter. If you are requesting medical records, you will need to download and complete the Medical Records Release Form for Armor Correctional and submit it with your request.

We will contact you within 72 business hours to verify receipt of the request. Fees and associated costs must be paid before the records are released. Note: If the report contains protected information, it will be removed or redacted.

If you have questions about the status of your records request please call the Records Division at 303-660-7545 or email