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Sheriff Spurlock wants you to view this IMPORTANT SCAM WARNING!


Please be aware that scammers are fraudulently using the names of Douglas County Sheriff’s Office command staff and deputies. These sheriff’s office members are public figures, their names are public record, and they are on our website.

The DCSO will NEVER ask you to pay bond/bail, a fine for missing jury service, a charge for an arrest warrant, or a fee for civil service, with gift cards, wire transfers, Bitcoin, Green Dot cards, MoneyPak cards, Zelle or Venmo transfers, or ATM deposits.

Government agencies and legitimate organizations such as the IRS, Social Security, Xcel Energy, Apple, Best Buy, and anti-virus companies will NEVER request those forms of payment either.
DO NOT allow strangers remote access to your computer or bank accounts.

DO NOT trust caller ID. Local phone numbers are easily spoofed.

Please call the DCSO immediately at (303) 660-7500 if anyone asks you to send money to someone you don’t know personally.