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Crime Analysis

Crime Analysis is the timely, accurate, tactical and strategic analysis of data relating to crime. The data is used to support the office’s goals and community policing efforts to fight and prevent crime.

The crime analyst is responsible for determining and monitoring criminal activity in Douglas County and communicating the information to Patrol, Investigations, other law enforcement agencies, and other sections and units that can assist with reducing or eliminating the activity.

The Crime Analysis Unit (CAU) was implemented in 2003. It produces monthly statistics summaries, weekly regional trend reports, crime bulletins detailing immediate crime problems, monthly calls for service reports, crime maps and other products.

The CAU supports several divisions with the department with the following core function:

  • Identifying crime patterns and crime series.
  • Forecasting future crime.
  • Identifying likely targets of crime
  • Assisting with case clearances.
  • Providing investigative leads.
  • Providing support data to community policing and crime prevention programs.
  • Providing data to support resource allocation and departmental planning.