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Special Investigations

Detectives who work in the Special Investigations Section specialize in tracking and catching criminals who cross jurisdictional borders, hurt children, traffic illegal drugs and more.

Property crime/auto theft

Detectives in this unit investigate crimes such as burglaries, theft from motor vehicles, theft and auto theft. Investigators work closely with criminal intelligence to bring in the thieves.


This is a regional team composed of detectives from Douglas County, Lone Tree, Castle Rock, and Parker, managed by the DCSO.  These detectives are charged with investigating property crimes and narcotics; manufacturing, distribution and trafficking. Investigators work closely with other law enforcement agencies to prevent crime and maintain the quality of life in Douglas County.

Criminal intelligence

The Intelligence unit collects, analyzes and disseminates valuable information that law enforcement can act upon. Analysts also use digital forensics to help detectives solve crimes. The data is shared with other agencies to help maintain officer safety and eliminate potential risks in the field.

Through a partnership with the Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC), the intelligence unit stays abreast of other intelligence issues across the state and nation.

The unit also partners with the FBI field office by participating in the Colorado Trafficking and Organized Crime Coalition which focuses on human and labor trafficking of children, adults, and organized crime.

Misdemeanor investigations

These detectives help conduct interviews and investigations that lead outside of Douglas County or are more complicated in nature.

Juvenile investigations

Crimes that involve people younger than 18 require detectives with expertise in juvenile delinquents. One of their top priorities is tracking and locating runaways. The detectives work with the district attorney’s office to place young offenders in treatment like the Serious Habitual Offender Directed Intervention program.

Liquor compliance and licensing

The DCSO is required to conduct annual liquor compliance checks to make sure businesses are complying with Liquor Authority regulations like not serving or selling alcohol to minors.

Sex offender tracking program

The DCSO works with Douglas County IT to maintain the SOTAR sex offender registration system.  SOTAR is a vital tool for law enforcement and allows users to locate offenders across Colorado, not just in this county.

Metro Area Task Forces

We participate in several task forces with other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies:

  • FBI JTTF – Joint Terrorism Task Force
  • FBI – Denver Metro Gang Task Force
  • DEA – Front Range Task Force
  • DEA – Drug Enforcement Agency
  • Rocky Mountain Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory