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Fire Chiefs Association

Formed in the mid-1980s and incorporated by the State of Colorado in 1993, the Douglas County Fire Chiefs Association (DCFCA) is comprised of the Fire and Rescue Departments located in Douglas County and portions of Arapahoe County. In addition, membership is also held by other public safety agencies, including law enforcement, EMS and emergency management.

The association works on issues facing the county and state. Although many of our member agencies have unique needs and issues, the cohesive tone that exists between the agencies and the ability to obtain consensus through a democratic process has made the group a strong resource.

In 1993, the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners recognized the DCFCA “as a body of knowledge to be consulted on issues relating to Fire and Emergency Medical Services.”

The association conducts business using Robert’s Rules of Order and elects an executive board every two years.

Mutual and auto aid agreements are in place between all members so that in the event of a large-scale emergency which exceeds the capabilities of the initial department, additional resources can be requested without delay.

Holding monthly meetings on the third Wednesday of every month at 3 p.m. at the CSU Extension Office in Castle Rock, the DCFCA welcomes presentations and speakers who have materials about “All Hazards” risks.

For more information, contact President David Woodrick at

The mission of the Fire Chiefs Association:

  • To promote fire safety and prevention awareness.
  • To promote interagency cooperation through friendship and communication.
  • To promote efficiency in a coordinated EMS throughout the county.
  • To work on and resolve problems facing Douglas County Fire and EMS agencies.
  • To cooperate on issues of mutual importance, i.e. automatic and mutual aid, communications, purchasing, disaster planning, and other issues.
  • To speak as a unified voice on emergency response issues to the residents and governing bodies of the county.