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Records Fees and Costs

Civil Fees
Mileage Fees

The fees have been established under the law to pay for research, redaction and copying. These fees exclude those set in CRS 24-72-306.

The following fees have been established to offset the actual costs for releasing records, and photographs, duplicating evidence, and researching requests by all personnel involved.   Fees shall be posted at the public assistance counter located at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. All research fees and/or redaction fees will be estimated and collected before the research or redaction   starts.   If the citizen refuses to pay in advance, the records/videos/audio documents/discs will not be provided.

Who does not have to pay? 

  • Victim of a cime who wants a copy of their own report.
  • Military recruiters checking backgrounds on recruits.
  • Law enforcement and criminal justice agencies.
  • Victim of an accident (individuals who were not charged for causing the accident).
  • Victims or family members for accidents where serious bodily injury or a fatality occured.
Fee for research, retrieval of reports and audio/video, redaction and preparation of records for release
$30.00 - Per hour$.25 - Cost of printing report per page$1.00 - Cost of printing color copies per page$.25 - Cost of electronic copy on CD per disc$.25 - Cost of electronic copy on DVD per disc$1.25 - Cost of electronic copy on Blu-ray per disc$2.00 - Cost of mailing of CD, DVD or Blu-ray per disc
NotaryNot public notary - Sheriff's Office Documents only.
Sex Offender ListMust request in person, show a picture ID and complete request forms.
Copy of Traffic Ticket(Includes fee for personnel cost, equipment cost, research, retrieval and redaction for 15 minutes.), Front and back only (not including any attachments) If the research last longer than 15 minutes the $30.00 per hour fee will apply to the ticket release fee.
$5.00 - Each
CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) Printout
$1.00 - Per page
Field Interview Cards
$1.00 - Each
Mug Photo / Photograph
$2.00 - Each
Criminal History / Background Check Letter
$10.00 - Up to 2 letters$5.00 - 3rd copy (for notary)
Sex Offender Registration
$25.00 - Annual$5.00 - Quarterly
Concealed Handgun Permit
$152.50 - Initial Application Fee - this fee includes the CBI's fingerprinting processing fee and all Sheriff's fees and costs. $50.00 - Permit renewals.