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Aggressive and Drunk Drivers

If you see a drunk driver, someone driving aggressively or road rage call 911 or dispatch at 303-660-7500 so that deputies can take immediate action.

If you want to make a general complaint about bad drivers, please visit traffic complaints.

If you want to file an official report about an aggressive driver, call dispatcher at 303-660-7500. You will need to provide Dispatcher with the following informtion:

  • driver’s license plate number
  • where and when it happened
  • your contact information.

It is possible for a deputy to write an aggressive driver a ticket based upon your observations. Note that you will be required to testify against the driver in court.

People who drive aggressively face stiffer penalties than other bad drivers under a local law passed in 1999.

What is aggressive driving?

  • Following too closely
  • Not staying inside one traffic lane
  • Weaving in and out of traffic (Unsafe Lane Changes)
  • Speeding up to beat a signal light
  • Using the horn excessively
  • Flashing headlights excessively at oncoming traffic
  • Braking to get others to back off of your bumper
  • Passing traffic and then slowing down to” teach the other driver a lesson”.