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Financial Crimes & Identity Theft Victims

Financial crimes involve bad checks, stolen credit cards, embezzlement, fraud, identity theft and other crimes that involve your money and credit.

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 What you should do if your identity has been stolen:

Identity theft is the most frequent complaint at the Federal Trade Commission for the last 15 years.  It costs victims thousands of dollars to repair their credit on top of the financial loss from the theft.  Identity theft has become so common that we all need to understand it and take action to keep safe.  can help you report and recover from identity theft.

You can report it to local law enforcement in one of two ways:

  • Call 303-660-7500 and a deputy will respond to take a report and investigate the crime. Use this method if you have information that can be followed-up on by a local law enforcement agency.  
  • Report the crime on-line  – This report is for financial records only, and no follow-up investigation will be conducted.  It is only for your records, for getting reimbursed and to satisfy your bank’s or insurance company’s requirements.

Other things to do:

  • Change passwords, PINs and secret questions and “flag” your account at the credit bureaus.
  • Report the identity theft to the FTC at and create a recovery plan.

Criminals try to get your personal identifying information by:

  • Looking through your trash and stealing your mail.
  • Copying or “skimming” your credit card numbers.
  • Hacking into the financial records of a business or bank or credit card company.
  • Stealing your wallet, purse, or laptop, or breaking into your home or your car.
  • Tricking you into giving the information to them.
  • Buying the information from other criminals, or from someone at your workplace.
  • Through “data breaches” at a business.
  • Sometimes family members or people you trust will abuse that trust to get it.

What the criminals do with your information:

  • Obtain fake identification in your name with their picture.