Animal Services

Animal Services

Douglas County Animal Control – 303.660.7529

Douglas County Resolution R-998-100
A Resolution for the control and licensing of dogs and pet animals.

Amended  Resolution R-999-177 
A Resolution amending Resolution R-998-100 for the control and licensing of dogs and pet animals

Being a Responsible Pet Owner

Every day, your pet shows you unconditional love…and it’s easy yet rewarding for you to return the favor. Owning a pet also brings obligations and responsibilities to the pet and the community. Responsible pet ownership means knowing your pet’s needs and taking care of your pet while being considerate of others.

The Douglas County Animal Law Enforcement Department strives to ensure that animals, their owners and neighbors live in safety and harmony. If all pet owners adhere to the basic responsibilities associated with owning a pet, most conflicts can be peacefully resolved.

Responsible Pet Owners:

Provide permanent identification for their pet(s).

Permanent identification is a pet’s ticket home. Permanent identification like a microchip or tattoo, makes it much more likely that lost pets will be reunited with their owners. Pet licensing is not required in Douglas County (One of the only Front Range location to not require pet licensing) so permanent identification is even more critical to our response to animals that are running loose, injured, dangerous, bitten a person or another animal, exhibiting nuisance behavior, and many other dangers to public safety, health, and the welfare of animals. Identification is also very important to finding new homes for the stray animals of our communities. Permanent identification allows resources to be focused on the animals that are truly homeless or no longer wanted by their owners rather than trying to locate the owner of an animal that has a loving and caring home.

  • No Animal License required in unincorporated Douglas County.
  • All dogs must wear a current Rabies Tag when off their owners’ property.
  • A properly identified cat will either wear a Rabies Tag or have a microchip or tattoo.
  • Officers will attempt to return all animals wearing a current rabies tag and/or permanently identified animals home before transporting them to the Animal Shelter.

Spay or neuter their pet(s).

It’s simple: spayed or neutered pets are more likely to enjoy good health and a longlife.

Spaying and neutering:

  • Makes for more sociable and affectionate pets.
  • Reduces disease, infection, and cancer of pet’s reproductive systems.
  • Prevents inappropriate spraying or marking.
  • Stops cats’ crying, howling, and frantic efforts to get out and mate.
  • Reduces pet overpopulation—33,000 animals are euthanized in Colorado every year.

Provide training, physical care, socialization and veterinarian attention for their pet(s).

Training builds confidence and strengthens the human-animal bond. A well socialized pet will help ensure that they are able to live with as little stress as possible and be welcome in any setting. It is important to your pet’s heath and mental well being to exercise regularly. Keeping vaccinations up to date and regular visits to a veterinarian allows you to enjoy a healthy pet.

Do not allow their pet(s) to become a threat or nuisance in the community.

Know and obey all animal laws. Make sure you have a secure enclosure so your pet will not run loose.

  • Know your responsibilities and the laws related to pets.
  • Dogs must be on a leash when off the owner’s property except when walking in a designated off-leash area.
  • Dog owners must pick up and properly dispose of their dog’s defecation both on and off the owner’s property.
  • A dog owner must ensure their dog does not bite, injure, chase, threaten, bark, howl at or disturb anyone.
  • Cats should be kept inside but at a minimum should be confined to their owners’ property.

Contact Information:

To report an animal control issue


Emergency - 911


Justice Center
4000 Justice Way
Castle Rock, CO 80109
Phone: 303.660.7529

Hours of Operation

Douglas County Animal Services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 day per year.

Most business will be conducted during normal business hours, but emergency services are available at all times.


8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Holiday schedules will vary.

Douglas County Sheriff

Justice Center

4000 Justice Way
Castle Rock, CO 80109
Phone: 303.660.7505

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Highlands Ranch Substation

9250 Zotos Drive
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
Phone: 303.784.7800

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

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