There are almost as many animals in Douglas County as there are people. We’re here for them, too.


 Proposed Amendments to the Douglas County Resolution for the Control and Licensing of Dogs and Household Pets

A Public Workshop, was held on October 18 in Castle Rock, where staff presented an overview of the proposed changes and answered questions.
Residents may provide comments online through November 2.

Dogs and cats. Horses and cattle. Roosters, hens and more. They’re at home in over half of the households in Douglas County.

So we take their protection very seriously. We want to make sure all are treated with care every day and in disasters.

If your dog gets out of the yard, there’s a good chance we’ll find him. And because we know how much they love to slip the leash, we’ve created off-leash parks where they can safely do just that.

Since we also share our county with wildlife, we look out for them, too.  The chance seeing a deer or elk is one of the reasons many of us love it here,  so we have programs to protect them from traffic and poaching.