Financial Crimes Unit

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Investigations Division has a Financial Crimes Unit that handles financial crimes and fraud. This unit consists of a supervisor and four investigators who handle all crimes involvingĀ bad checks, credit cards, embezzlements, consumer frauds and other financial transaction crimes occurring within the county. This growing crime trend keeps investigators busy combating traveling crime families and financial crime rings. Investigators maximize clearance rates by sharing information with other Metro area agencies and developing task forces to help with the high rate of these often multi-jurisdictional crimes.

With inexpensive technology making it easy to transfer funds, create counterfeit checks and use the anonymity of the Internet, computer crimes are occurring at an increasingly fast rate. Additionally, crimes against children have been made easier through the use of the computers, allowing predators to secretly contact juveniles over the Internet.

Keeping up with the training and technological equipment needed to successfully investigate these types of crimes put the Financial Crimes Unit in the spotlight to provide up to date investigative expertise in these areas.

To contact the Financial Crimes Unit call 303-660-7548.

For additional information, please e-mail: or for Computer Crimes e-mail:

Contact Information:

Main Investigations 303-660-7548
Main Investigations Fax 303-688-4939
Special Investigation Section 303-784-7800
Crime Lab 303-660-7558
Victim Assistance 303-660-7535
Major Tip Line 303-660-7579
Immigration Tip Line 303-663-7265

Douglas County Sheriff

Justice Center

4000 Justice Way
Castle Rock, CO 80109
Phone: 303.660.7505

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Highlands Ranch Substation

9250 Zotos Drive
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
Phone: 303.784.7800

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

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