Cold Cases

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In 2014, there were 19 cold cases of unsolved homicides, missing people and unidentified people. During the year, detectives used a CBI Cold Case grant to follow-up on leads requiring DNA. Detectives followed-up on several leads throughout the year and additional suspects have been excluded in several of the cold cases.

The focus of the unit is to retrieve all of the unsolved cases from the record’s storage area. Using seizure funds, the unit bought equipment to help organize the cases. Using new technology, the unit is re-organizing the cases so they can be read easily and ready for prosecution.

A Cold Case Review Team of resident volunteers were brought in at the end of the year to help organize the cases and to allow detectives to work leads. The group attended training and has received two cases to work on. We look forward to working with them in 2015.

With the enactment of HB1020, law enforcement agencies were required to submit sexual assault kits that met the criteria established by the Colorado Bureau of Investigations. The first phase of kits was submitted to the CBI in February 2014. Leads developed from the submission of the kits are being investigated.

The Cold Case Unit  is comprised of a sergeant and a detective.